Meet The Team at Animal Medical Center San Rafael

Get to know the exceptional team at Animal Medical Center San Rafael. We’re dedicated to providing your pets with state-of-the-art, compassionate veterinary care.


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Dr. Harshdeep Dogra, DVM, MVSc, MS

Years in Practice: 22
In his career spanning over 15 years, Dr. Dogra has spent over seven years conducting research in Diagnostic Pathology and Drug discovery. After receiving multiple research awards and two Master’s degrees from C.S.K.H.P.K.V, India, and the University of Nebraska Lincoln, NE, he returned his knowledge and expertise to clinical practice.

2008, Dr. Dogra joined the Banfield team and worked in Modesto and Las Vegas hospitals. In 2011, he moved to Calgary, Canada, where he and his wife ran a Small Animal Practice for nearly four years. Dr. Dogra joined Banfield Palm Springs in April 2015. Since January 2016, he has been at Animal Medical Center San Rafael. He is particularly interested in internal medicine, dentistry, reconstructive and orthopedic surgeries.

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Dr. Deepa Sharma, DVM, MVSc

Years in Practice: 20

Dr Sharma joined Animal Medical Center in 2016. She has been in practice for over 15 years and comes with extensive work contributions in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Before joining AMC, she worked at different small animal practices in California and Nevada. Dr Sharma has also worked in shelter medicine settings in various Nevada and Washington State animal shelters. She feels working in the shelter setting was the most touching and giving part of her career and would consider going back. Her passion for pets and exploring the world also took her to Canada, where she successfully ran a small animal practice for four years before returning to the US.

Dr Sharma also holds an Advanced Degree in Diagnostic Pathology. In addition to clinical practice, she has contributed to pioneer research work in Pathology and Electron microscopy with the University of Missouri, Columbia. She has authored multiple manuscripts in international peer-reviewed journals.

She is particularly interested in soft tissue surgery, small animal medicine, clinical pathology, and dentistry. Dr Sharma loves traveling, reading, photography, and spending time with her family.


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Sara Tindall, Office Manager

Years in Practice: 10

Sara Tindall, our esteemed Office Manager at Animal Medical Center San Rafael, combines her robust educational background with a genuine love for animals. Holding a degree from the reputable University of California Berkeley, Sara brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, ensuring that our clinic operates seamlessly.

But Sara’s dedication extends beyond the office walls. She’s passionate about fostering kittens and providing them a nurturing environment to flourish. Her commitment to animal welfare shines through her compassionate care for these young lives.

Outside work, Sara finds joy in dancing, using movement as a form of self-expression. She’s also an avid bird watcher, connecting with the natural world and appreciating the beauty of our feathered friends.

Sara’s multifaceted interests and dedication make her a valuable team member. Her role ensures that your experience at Animal Medical Center San Rafael is efficient and filled with care and compassion.


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Marilyn Vaquero, Veterinary Assistant

Years in Practice: 4


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